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Best Mini Vacuum Cleaner 2021

If you’re looking for the best mini vacuum cleaner online, look no farther than the Raycop GO. Its compact size and easy storage make it ideal for small scale cleanup, whether in the office, at home, or in your car. Weighing in at 1.82 lbs., it gives you the versatility to tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks with only one hand!

About the Raycop GO Mini Vacuum Cleaner

There are many small messes that a standard vacuum cleaner just isn’t made to handle. Crumbs in your keyboard, pet hair in a chair, the random debris your child leaves in the backseat – all of these jobs are a chore with a large vacuum. Yet these are the jobs that the Raycop GO was built to master. It’s small, lightweight, and powerful for its size. In addition, the included ultraviolet light technology sanitizes as it cleans. Meanwhile, the HEPA filtration ensures that what goes in, stays in, so you can focus more on an allergy-free environment. When not in use, the Raycop GO mini vacuum cleaner breaks away into a compact, ultra-portable unit for easy transport anywhere.

Get True Portability with the Raycop GO

Beyond its travel size, the Raycop GO offers more than any other vacuum in its class. The UV feature is a rare find in mini vacuums, and HEPA filtration is nothing to sneeze at. More importantly, however, is the Raycop GO’s 3-cell, lithium-ion battery, which charges in three hours and allows a runtime of up to 30 minutes on a single charge. That’s 30 minutes of powerful suction and UV sanitization that you can easily wield with one hand.

Easy Cleaning for the Whole Family

Thanks to the lightweight nature of the Raycop GO, even small children can use it with ease. With its sleek and fun design, your kids will actually want to clean up their own mess! The dustbin is easy to empty and clean, while its 5.6 oz. capacity means you can always finish the job. Make your family’s life easier with a Raycop GO today!