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How to Solve the Pet Hair Problem

How to Solve the Pet Hair Problem

We all love our pets. For many of us, they’re bonafide family members. However, pet hair and dander can be a problem, especially with allergies. Let’s talk about the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair and dander, and why you’ll want one.

Why Pet Hair and Dander are a Problem

When our pets shed hair and dander (dead skin), these contaminants don’t go away. They get in the carpet, sofa cushions, and any other surface our pets typically frequent. Beyond allergic reactions, pet dander in particular can damage our lungs. That’s because dander can easily go airborne.

The Best Solution to Pet Hair and Dander

An ordinary vacuum cleaner does a poor job of handling pet hair and dander. In fact, an ordinary vacuum cleaner does a poor job with allergens in general. In order to effectively eliminate common allergens like pet hair and dander, you need strong filtration and a vacuum that locks allergens inside.

HEPA Filtration is Key

The RN UV+ Pet vacuum from Raycop is made specifically for removing pet hair and dander. This makes it the best solution for pet lovers who still want to maintain a clean home. When we say clean, we mean truly clean and sanitized!

The RN features PureAir HEPA Filtration, which captures 99.97% of common allergens. This includes pet dander, which measures only five microns. That’s smaller than a dust mite’s egg! Moreover, the RN’s HEPA filter is easy to remove and wash, so you’ll have dependable HEPA filtration every time.

Clean Deeper

With the Raycop RN’s newly developed pulsating brush, you’ll get more dust, pet hair, and dander out of your surfaces. At 18,000 pulsations per minute, the rotating brush forces small particles into the stream of suction. No matter the surface, you’ll clean deeper with the RN.

Keep Allergens Where They Belong

An ordinary vacuum cleaner has open gaps that allow finer particles, like dust, back into the air. However, Raycop’s RN UV+ Pet offers Allergen Lock. The RN is designed to trap allergens inside the vacuum and keep them there. There are no gaps for escape. Dander goes in, and it doesn’t come out until you’re ready to clean the filter.

Do More with Raycop

While the Raycop RN was designed with pets in mind, there’s far more to the story. Like all of Raycop’s vacuums, the RN features UV+ technology. UV+ is highly effective against viruses, because the light disrupts their DNA and RNA. The RN kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in only five seconds of exposure to the UV+ light. Combined with suction and filtration that removes 99.3% of dust mites after three minutes of use, the RN gives you a cleaner, safer home.

When you consider the RN’s amazing cleaning power, it’s difficult to believe that it weighs only four pounds. It’s made to be used with one hand. The ergonomic handle and press button start make it easy. Removable and washable filters, including the dust bin and HEPA filter, make it just as easy to clean the RN, so you can spend more time playing with your pets.

The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair is the Raycop RN

The Raycop RN has a specially designed brush that drives pet hair and dander right into the line of suction. As we mentioned above, it also does a lot more. All of Raycop’s vacuums are meant to eliminate allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold. For this reason, you can always find a Raycop product that fits your needs and lifestyle. Experience the Raycop difference today!