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The Best Raycop Pet Vacuums for Your Furry Friends

The Best Raycop Pet Vacuums for Your Furry Friends

Picture this—you effortlessly swipe away all the pet hair in your home, making cleaning up after your furry friend a breeze. You want a tool that turns this dream into your everyday reality.

Right now, you’re stuck in a cleaning loop. You’ve tried brooms, vacuums, and even special pet hair removers, but nothing seems to work. You’re tired of spending so much time cleaning, only to see pet hair still clinging to your furniture and floors.

It’s a good thing Raycop has a complete line of handheld vacuums that give extensive cleaning to your home.

What makes Raycop your ideal (and user-friendly) companion for your dog hygiene? And which is Raycop’s best dog grooming vacuum?

Pet Hair and Dander Are More Than Just a Mess

For pet lovers like you, snuggling and playing with them on your couch or onto your beds brings you joy. But have you ever thought about what they’re leaving behind?

Pet hair and dander can be a real pain. Not only do they make your home look messy, but they can also cause allergies and lung and health problems.

Some people even find breathing hard when too much pet hair floats around. At the same time, others get skin irritations that can affect their daily lives.

Other health issues include:

• Sneezing

• Itchy or watery eyes

• Runny or stuffy nose and

• Shortness of breath

To solve your hygienic challenges in rearing and caring for your dogs, you need a reliable ally to clean up your pets’ mess while ensuring your space is microbe-free.

Raycop Vacuums: Your Home and Pet’s Best Friend

Say hello to Raycop.

Raycop isn’t your ordinary vacuum cleaner. It is engineered to care for people and pets. That means it’s packed with features to clean your home and make it healthier.

Founded by Dr. Michael Lee, a preventative care expert, this vacuum brand is meticulously designed for intense sanitation while being safe for your pets. Its proprietary RayClean Technology powers all models, intending to provide a “method of providing compassionate care to every user.”

Dr. Lee developed a perfect combination of top-grade UV+ technology, a TrueHEPA filter system, and powerful suction for a complete cleaning experience for your home and cuddly pets.

Why is Raycop the Perfect Vacuum for Dog Hair?

Traditional vacuums may do a decent job of picking up visible dirt. Still, they often fall short of sucking and eliminating microscopic particles that could affect your pet’s and your family’s health. If you’re a pet owner looking for a more effective solution, Raycop has the following features for pet hygiene.

RayClean Technology: Cleaning More than the Usual

Raycop goes beyond mere suction to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home. RayClean Technology powers each of our models. This innovation doesn’t just remove physical debris; it also neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

So, it cleans your home and makes it a healthier environment. This functionality is essential for pets, who spend most of their time on the floor and other surfaces where microbes can thrive.

Superior Filtration: Catch What Others Miss

Most vacuums have basic filters that don’t capture the tiny particles that can trigger allergies or asthma. Raycop vacuums have high-efficiency filters that capture these microscopic irritants, including pet dander, hair, and microbes like dust mites.

It comes with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, designed to trap these tiny particles and prevent them from re-entering the air in your home. This enhanced filtration system ensures that the air in your home is cleaner and healthier for you and your furry friends.

Versatile Design: For a Comprehensive Cleaning of Your Pet’s Favorite Spots

Pets have a knack for getting their fur on everything—sofas, beds, carpets, you name it.

Thankfully, Raycop offers versatility to clean various surfaces effectively. Whether it’s your dog’s bed, the couch where your cat loves to nap, or even your bed where your pet joins you, Raycop vacuums are adaptable and easy to maneuver, allowing you to clean those hard-to-reach spots that are pet fur magnets.

Quiet Operation: No More Scaring Your Dogs

Many pets are afraid of the loud noises that come from typical vacuum cleaners. The quieter operation of Raycop vacuums is less likely to frighten your pets. Lesser noise means smoother cleaning for you and the rest of your household. Now, you can vacuum without sending your pets running for cover.

Ease of Use: Because Pet Parents are Busy Enough

Let’s face it: parenting pets takes much of your busy schedule. Besides feeding, walking, and playing, do you still have enough time for complicated cleaning routines?

Raycop vacuums, particularly the handheld models, are user-friendly with an ergonomic design that makes them easy to use and integrate into your existing pet care routine. Their user-friendly design and functionality make them a go-to tool for cleaning tasks.

Raycop Handheld Vacuums for Canine Friends

Comparison of Raycop Handheld Vacuums for Canine Friends

Raycop offers a range of vacuum models that promise to go beyond traditional cleaning by integrating advanced RayClean Technology. While we have stick and handheld models, we prefer to highlight handheld ones as they offer quick and easy access that pet parents often need.

Each model comes with its own set of features, tailored to various needs. But which is the best for pet owners? In this comparison, we’ll take a closer look at the key features of Raycop’s handheld models to help you decide.


Even as an entry-level model, LITE UV+’s lightweight build makes it perfect for quick and easy cleaning. It has HEPA filtration and UV light for quick clean-ups and less intensive tasks. However, its low suction power and essential UV light intensity make it less effective against stubborn particles.


• PureAir HEPA Filtration that traps 99.97% of common allergens.

• RayClean Technology™ (UV light)

• Pulsating pad

• Lightweight


• Convenient for quick clean-ups

• The corded feature allows for no restrictions on battery usage time.

• Suitable for less intensive tasks


• Average suction power

• Less effective against stubborn particles


The RN UV+’s lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver. Its silent operation makes it a must-have for every pet parent. It has a pulsating brush to remove more dirt and fur.


• PureAir HEPA filtration

• RayClean Technology (UV light)

• Pulsating brush for the best cleaning pet hairs on soft surfaces

• Lightweight


• Effective against allergens

• Kills bacteria and viruses

• Easy to maneuver


• Average dustbin capacity

RS Pro UV+

As the most feature-packed of the three, RS Pro UV+ has all the features you wish for in a pet hair cleaner. Like RN UV+, it has a pulsating brush for pulling out particles. But this model has steamless heat technology that adds another layer of cleaning. Emitting heated air up to 150°F can eliminate dust mites and other allergens even without extra chemicals.


• PureAir HEPA Filtration

• Steamless heat technology to kill dust mites

• RayClean Technology (UV light)

• Pulsating brush


• Greater suction power

• More versatile

• Effective against a wider range of particles


• Heavier

• Slightly larger, making it less easy to maneuver in tight spaces

Raycop Vacuum Best for Pets

Which Raycop is Best for Pets?

So, which of them is best for pets?

The answer is it depends on your needs.

Each model has its share of pros and cons as well as its distinct features. The following are our recommendations depending on usage and requirements.

For portability and ease of use: LITE UV+

This model’s lightweight build makes it a go-to cleaning tool for everyone. Even though it’s the entry-level of the three models, many users choose this because of its ease of use.

AGRITS commented on Amazon that Raycop LITE satisfies their expectations for a vacuum cleaner as a pet parent despite its “entry-level” status. What amazes them is the product’s capacity to remove “pet” smell.

Raycop Vacuum for pets

For removal of fur and dander: RN UV+

RN UV+’s pulsating brush can pick up the seemingly invisible pet fur and dander. This model’s users, like Shaunh20 who commented on Best Buy, have expressed surprise at this model’s pulsating brush and suction power that works well on any surface, including furniture. Its pulsating brush moves stubborn hair that makes it easy to suck out, even if it’s stuck in tightly knit spaces.

“If you’re a pet owner, let me make it really simple for you: BUY THIS,” Shaunh20 recommended.

RN UV+’s pulsating brush Amazon Vacuum Cleaner Review

Intensive cleaning and overall sanitation: RS Pro UV+

For overall functionality and suite of features, specifically for pet owners, the RS Pro UV+ model stands out from the rest.

It has greater suction power makes fur and dander vacuuming much easier. It also has dual suction modes that offers versatility, allowing you to adjust the power based on what you are cleaning, be it pet beds, upholstery, or carpets. Its retractable cord makes it easier to move around. With its pulsating brush, loosening pet hair embedded in any surface makes vacuuming a breeze.

Lastly, it has steamless heat technology to eradicate dust mites and other heat-sensitive microbes.

User michael y jou, enthused on Amazon his amazement on this model’s power to reduce his allergy symptoms, thanks to its complete suite of features for extensive cleaning.

Perhaps RS Pro UV+’s only con is its bulky build, which is a concern to some users who want lightweight vacuum

Enjoy Better Pet Cleaning Experience with Raycop’s Handheld Vacuums

Pets can be cute and cuddly. However, parenting them requires extra time, effort, and care, especially when cleaning the particles and microorganisms they left behind.

To accomplish this task, you need tools designed for a higher level of sanitation. Raycop is a clear choice. With its high-efficiency filtration, RayClean Technology, versatility, quiet operation, durability, and ease of use, it addresses the unique challenges of owning pets.

Why settle for partially clean when you can have a device that thoroughly sucks out particles while exterminating microbes from humans and pets?

After reading this article, you can now make an intelligent choice on which of our handheld models serves you the best for your specific needs. Visit our product page to buy the ideal investment for your home hygiene as a pet parent.