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4 Tips to Prevent Pollen Allergies

4 Tips to Prevent Pollen Allergies

Four Tips to Prevent Your Pollen Allergies

Plenty of resources out there tell you how to treat your allergies after the fact. Although taking your medications and bringing your Epipen are great protective measures, they aren’t preventive when it comes to pollen. Here are four tips to prevent your pollen allergies and hopefully lighten your symptoms. (For those of you with asthma, follow asthma action plan guide and your doctor’s recommendations.)

Avoid your allergies

Easier said than done, right? Especially when it comes to pollen. If you didn’t know already, there is a website where you can check your local pollen count. If you’re unfortunate enough to be highly sensitive and the pollen count is too high, you’ll have to get a 95% or air pollution rated respirator mask. It might look weird walking around with a mask but it’s become more and more fashionable.

Don’t bring your allergies inside.

Do you remember when Mr Rogers used to take off his coat and his shoes and slip into house slippers? As a child I thought that was wild, but as an adult I realize he was more of a genius than I thought. Shucking off your clothing and shoes right at the door to keep from tracking in potential allergens helps keep them out of your life. If you aren’t super sensitive, you could keep a hamper by the door. If you’re more sensitive, putting them directly in the wash or a sealed container might be more your speed. Wearing a hat that covers your hair or washing out the pollen daily keeps pollen out of your bed and anywhere else you like to hang around your house with. Of course, you’ll have to remember to lay out clothes so you can change into them. Or not, it’s your house.

Vacuum more often or invest in an allergen vacuum

Vacuum at least once a week. If you already do that, then vacuum once a day. Then, after every time you vacuum, empty your canister or bag. Keeping your allergens in your home, even in a bagged unit, risks spreading pollen more. There are vacuums for just mattresses and vacuums for almost anywhere you go. But whichever vacuum you pick, make sure it has a clean air exhaust filter, or you risk pushing out the same dirty air you suck in. You should always empty your vacuum cleaner outside, no matter what kind of storage your vacuum has.

Treat yourself kindly

My allergies tend to make me look like I’ve been crying for hours before. I have to wear my glasses (which I hate) or I risk irritating my eyes. Finding out my favorite antihistamine is slowly losing its effectiveness is enough to push me into a frenzy purchasing as many alternatives as humanly possible. So, take a little time out of your day to make sure that you’re taking care of you. Maybe that means taking a bath or giving yourself a DIY spa treatment to clear your sinuses. If you have the funds for it, take a weekend trip to a beach or somewhere with a lower pollen count. However you take the time for yourself, do what you can to avoid your allergens and they’ll go away once pollen season is over.