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The Best (and Safest) Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

woman vacuuming stairs

For the most part, household cleaning is a simple process. Stairs, however, present an element of risk. Navigating the steps while managing a cord can be especially dangerous. If you have stairs in your home, a cordless and lightweight vacuum can make cleaning them a breeze.

Introducing the OMNI Series

Raycop is known for high-quality, compact vacuums that sanitize with UV light. Our OMNI series of vacuum cleaners allow you to clean and sanitize most any surface, whether hard or soft. Furthermore, our OMNI vacuums are cordless, making them ideal for stairs and other difficult areas in the home. 

Our OMNI series of vacuum cleaners features UV+ RayClean Technology™. This unique UV+ sanitizing solution kills 99% of viruses and bacteria. In addition, HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of common allergens, while Raycop’s Allergen Lock ensures that those allergens stay in the vacuum. Imagine having that much cleaning power without a power cord!


Raycop’s OMNI AIR vacuum cleaner is built with ease of use in mind. At under four pounds, it’s light enough to push or carry without fatigue. The fact that it’s cordless makes it effortless to handle, even while moving up and down stairs. The OMNI AIR can run up to 38 minutes on a single charge. The detachable battery can be swapped with a spare (sold separately) to keep going when you need to.

The OMNI AIR UV+ is packed with features. The dual texture brush head makes easy work of different flooring types. Tube and brush attachments make it easy to clean crevices. A one-touch button latch allows you to empty the dust canister without getting your hands dirty. Three suction levels let you choose the right amount of power for the job, including Low, Mid, and Max. Best of all, the dust canister and filters are washable and eco-friendly, meaning less waste for the landfill.


If you want maximum cordless cleaning power, Raycop’s OMNI POWER is the model for you. Not only does it feature a dual texture brush head, but it also has two motors. This allows each brush to rotate at different speeds, for optimal cleaning. A selection of attachments gives you the power to do more, with a cleaning time of 40 minutes on a single charge. Purchase an extra battery, and you can easily swap batteries for up to 80 minutes of cleaning time!

The OMNI POWER, like the OMNI AIR, has three levels of suction. Use Normal mode for most cleaning needs. However, for tougher jobs, you also have your choice of Power or Turbo modes. With this much suction and a variety of attachments, there’s nothing the OMNI POWER can’t sanitize and clean! All of this power does come with increased weight, though the OMNI POWER is still just over size pounds.

Take the Danger Out of Vacuuming Stairs

With the OMNI series of vacuums from Raycop, you can climb and descend stairs with confidence. No cord means no tangles or trips, and the lightweight construction helps you stay balanced as you clean. UV+ technology eradicates viruses and bacteria, while HEPA filtration catches common allergens and locks them safely away. 

However big or small the job, our OMNI series lets you do more. There’s simply no better or safer way to clean stairs and other difficult surfaces. Choose an OMNI AIR or OMNI POWER, and discover the RayClean difference from Raycop!