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Six Last-Minute Allergy Relieving Cleaning Tips

Six Last Minute Allergy Relieving Tips

by: Alicyn West

Cleaning your house for a person with airborne or pet allergies is easy to do when you find out in advance. But what about those last minute notifications that someone with an allergy to your pet is coming for dinner?

Here are some last-minute cleaning tips for those uh-oh holiday guests with allergies.

If you haven’t swept or vacuumed don’t start now. Unless your house is extremely dirty or you have an allergen vacuum sweeping and vacuuming the hours before a guest arrives kicks up dust and debris that otherwise would have kept under your feet. If you clean and vacuum on a weekly basis, you’ve already done your best in removing those allergens.

Keep your pet happy an away from the guest. It might be tempting to let your pet mingle, who doesn’t love pets? This doesn’t mean you let them outside. Keep them in a warm, moderately lit room with the TV or radio on to create an environment that makes them feel like part of the action. Sit with them in the beginning but don’t react to their pleas for release. Rely on your guest with allergies to let you know if it is safe to release them into the party. 

Sanitize surfaces. Bacteria can aggravate allergies, so it’s a good idea to wipe down -not spray- surfaces with some kind of sanitizing agent. If you have a nice tablecloth, run it through the dryer before spreading it on the table.

Keep smoke away. If you have guests that like to smoke, ask them to refrain or move outside away from doors. Smoke can worsen allergy symptoms. 

Don’t be offended if your guest leaves early. Some people don’t like to deal with the fatigue, contact dermatitis and stuffy sinuses partnered with allergens. They might ask to leave or find an excuse to be somewhere else. Know they aren’t doing it because of you, but to look after themselves and avoid a hospital visit. Send them off with some leftovers or sweets and let them know  you enjoyed their presence.


Don’t apologize for having an unexpected pet. Telling them the positives from their visit will make them want to come back. Or at least see you again, minus the pet. Take note of their allergy for the next visit so you can properly clean up before their return. You want to be together for the next family event.